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Hi all, I am a new member here. Been a huge Star Wars fan for my entire life, but never thought about getting a real lightsaber. Now, I would like to get one. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a lightsaber modeled after Kit Fisto's that is FULLY duel ready for full strikes and stuff. I really dont care if it makes noise or lights up, I just want a correctly modeled hilt and green colored blade (can be paint, doesnt have to be lights). What is the easiest way to do something like that? I have found places like Ultra Force Sabers that seem to do conversions from FX sabers to fuel duel-ready sabers. Any advice?



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Most likely any business that states that they convert a Hasbro FX lightsaber to one that is duel worthy, still means that it will have a light up blade and sound. For example, The Custom Saber Shop sells a conversion kit for the Hasbro FX (removable blade version). All it is is a blade holder/LED heat sink module that allows you to convert the saber from the stock LED string blade to an LED unit contained in the hilt itself. This requires disassembling the hilt and removing part of the internals and doing some rewiring. You would then replace the blade with a hollow polycarbonate one (that you make yourself or buy completed from a saber blade vendor) as the Hasbro FX stock blades are not very duel worthy. However, using that same conversion kit, you can also use an adapter for a texalium wrapped carbon fiber blade that will slide into the blade socket. The texalium wrapped carbon fiber blade is around 1/2" in diameter and is very strong. It's what they used in Episode III. Both the adapter and the carbon fiber blade can also be found at The Custom Saber Shop. I hope that helps.


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Yes, Thank you very much! I think I'll buy the FX saber, and then order the conversion and hollow polycarbonate. If I order the heavy grade dueling blade (here: will I be able to just slide it right in to the hilt, or do I need to get something else? And is there anyway to disable to sound without messing around too much with the electronics? Sorry for the ignorance on my part, I am just totally new to this stuff.

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That blade should slide right in after you install the conversion kit. Not sure as I've never bought blades from Ultra Sabers. If you want light but not sound, that could be problematic as the speaker is usually integrated into the battery pack.

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I think the blade slides in the hilt and then is held in place with a retention screw. Personally I would prefer sound, but if all your getting is a conversion then I'm not sure if they can remove that aspect of the saber.
On a fun note, they can give you a new blade color, should one desire.

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I own the Kit Fisto FX Lightsaber. i did a short review within a thread:

I think the Kit Fisto FX with removable blade is very cool. Light and sounds work as described above. I have no other green FX blade to compare it with but it seems very bright even in a room full of daylight. It came with a covertec clip. It is not a replica of a real covertec clip but very similar and it does the job. It also has a plug to close off the emitter when the hilt is displayed bladeless. I do not know if Kit's saber had any differences from Mace's TPM saber but they they did include the two purple jewels located near the pommel. I always liked those purple jewels.

I tend not to be overly critical. I think the hilt looks well made and I am happy with the materials, details, and construction.

Here is my take on lightsaber collecting, and remember it is all based on personal preference:

I like FX hilts but it is not something I really feel the need to own. I prefer the static hilts because for the most part, they simply sit in my collection. The FX style sabers I own are all MR/Hasbro and a couple of Mara Jade (non-sound) lightsabers by Parks, since he is the original builder of that design. I have a Luke The Empire Strikes Back model because I have a Bespin Luke costume and I thought it might be cool to have a it to go with the costume when I wear it. The others I own are because I got a good deal or when they came out, i thought it was unique to the collection. In the case of the Kit saber, it was a nice replica and I could choose to display it as a static hilt if I like it.

Although I am not a a bit FX fan, I do understand think it is nice to have at least one in your collection, especially your first one since you most likely will be wanting to pic it up and swing it around a lot. However is my experience you tend to do that less and less as your collection grows. One of the things I noticed about my own collection, I don't bother much with handling the MR LE sabers. Mostly they are for show and I don't want to take them in and out of their cases. Mostly to save space, I have to stack the cases so getting to the hilts are a pain. I do handle the fan made ones more due to them not being in a case. As for my FX, I only turn on the blades when i am taking photos in my room, or showing them off to a guest.

I would recommend to you that if you get the Kit Fisto you judge the blade and sound on your own terms. You may decide that it fits your needs without further investment. After all, any money you save is money that can go toward your next lightsaber replica.

Like I said, this is my own personal taste/experience.

Since I referenced my collection a lot, here is a link to picts of it as it looked in AUG 2014: Room AUG 2014?sort=2&page=1
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