Advice for Mando flight suit


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Greetings every one.
I am looking for some advice regarding the undersuit for a mando cosplay I am working on.
As my sowing still need a lot of work I was thinking of getting a cosssky kit for the under-suit, as it seems to have reasonable quality.
As they sell the original and the beskar version with different colors (probably a result of the whole grey/brown discussion), I wanted to ask if someone has seen the brown version in person. It seems way to "saturated" to me on the pictures, and from that I probably would rather go for the old costume, but I may would be able to use some of the other soft parts (flak vest) from the beskar one.

Given the latest development in the series I have decided to change my plans and going for the beskar version for my own suit, simply because given the local con regulations. There is no way I will get in with the blaster or the rifle, but the spear will pass, and I think a mando costume without any weapon feels wrong to me.

So is there anyone here that could advice me if the never version of the cossky flightsuit has any reasonable coloring, or of course, suggest any other good flightsuit that I may have missed?

Thanks a lot!

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