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Greggy Boy

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hi i know this does not belong in costume section but im unable to post in off topic section yet

im going to the london film and comic con this weekend and its my first time ever going to one
i was wondering if any of you that have been before could tell me what the prices are like on the stalls?
im trying to work out how much cash i need to take with me

thank you in advance
Greggy B
im assuming you mean merchandise/artist prints?
if depends on what you plan on getting like at emerald city in seattle some artist were selling pre drawn stuff for like 5 dollars and even your choice donations,bu they were mainly indepent or web illustrators who skecthed a few charecters from a series they want to get out there others were 50 nucks a prin by marvel and dc artists

so it REALLY depends on what you plan on getting
well i suppose i will probs be buying mainly comics and maybe a couple of prints
ive already set some autograph cash aside
and if you have time and are comfortable enough you should defiantly go in costume haha i scored a free annihilation poster from a booth when i was Nova
oh wow lol that is cool
i wont have time to get a costume together now
but i do have one planned for next year, gonna be awesome
Depends on what kind of con-goer you are and what you plan to buy.
I buy lots of indy comics and ashcans. I maybe spend $100 at a con, I usually bring $2-300 in cash which should cover purchases and food and emergency money.

My Husband gets a lot of original art/drawings, so he can easily drop $300-500 in a few minutes.

Most cons have bank machines, but I highly recommend bringing more cash than you think you will need, as bank machines have looong lines, and usually run out of cash quickly. It can be a lot of money to carry on your person, so I would also suggest a money belt. Pick-pockets can be quite prevalent at busy events like cons.
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