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Discussion in 'Free Replica Paper Props' started by jazzygeoffery, Feb 18, 2012.

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    So ever since i saw this clock on Adventure Time, I knew i wanted to replicate it, and since i have a long weekend, i figured i had the perfect project. The first challenge to making this prop was of course, the font. First i tried taking the text from the picture, changing the perspective, and making it more white, but it was too pixelated. Next i tried searching Photoshop for the font, then i searched the web... Nothing... Except Filmotype's Austin Regular. It was pretty close, but i found a few flaws. Does anyone know this font, or do you think it was just drawn up for the show, or even edited from one or more fonts? Thanks for reading this long boring paragraph, and thanks in advance for the help :lol
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    Hi Jazzy,

    this doesn't look like a font to me, it's handwritten. So the best way to replicate it is write the words by hand.


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