Advanced Potions Making


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Here's a little something I've been working on... it's going to be a printed replica of Snape's "Advanced Potions" book from the Half-Blood Prince.

Many people make or sell replicas of it, but no one has done the complete interior... which is exactly what I am doing.

I spent the first few weeks researching and getting the screen grabs from the movie. Then I tracked down the symbols they used as well as actually found text they used in the onscreen book! (it was on an "old" alchemy website that looks like it hasn't been updated since 1995)

Because there are really only 3 or 4 pages shown in the movie I'm having to make up everything else. But I do know "key" bits of information... such as the "Draught of Living Death" potion appears on page 10.

I'll make both the "marked up" (i.e., Snape's notes) and plain/new versions of the book.

It's going to be a lot more work, I know, but when it's finished it will be something that someone could actually go through and read cover to cover and feel like they've got the real book in their hands.

Love to hear thoughts so far!

Here's the link to the PDF.

Make sure and download the PDF to see all the pages I have done so far...
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Looks great so far! I love the idea of making a completely "readable" interior for a prop book that wouldn't have had real contents. I'll be keeping an eye on this. :)


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I was going to wait to post anything until I was done, but then thought, "Why not get input and possible help?"

I have all the "characters" done in EPS vector format now as well as the template for the "Instructions grid".

I will print these through when complete so they'll actually be bound and "published" looking. :D

Fun stuff!!
Would love to see / hear of your progress on the same front!


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Make sure to get the cover printed on canvas like material to match the cover on HP6!
From what I've seen it wasn't actually on canvas, it was just the way the cover had a printed texture.

Look at the way the cover is "tearing" and "worn" in reference shots. Canvas would have more of a "frayed edge" than it does. It has the simple bound book wrapped cover edge.

Maybe they MEANT for it to be canvas covered... but I don't think it was.


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ohhh ok! So is the cover a dust jacket or the actual cover of the book? o_O
It's a cover. It's called a "casewrap hardcover." Basically the kind that is a hard cover with paper glued down all on top. So you might have a dust jacket on top of that if you wanted, but not in this case.


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wow I just saw this thread today.....what an awesome idea! I have been working on a replica of the half blood price cover of Advanced Potion Making. Here's a pic.

Your work on the interior is looking really awesome!!!



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Thanks! :)

That cover is amazing!!!! Great job!
I'll be hitting you up on weathering and aging techniques since my cover will arrive "new."


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Thanks... I had the first image. What is the 2nd image from? That drawing of the two men in the circles is on the page that Harry looks at in the movie for the "Draught of Living Death."


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They're real props on display at the Warner Bros studios.

I am sure its from Warner Brothers Studios.

Abt the men in circles page being used for the drought of living death...that is a prop for you :p

I think your idea about making a genuine one is awesome and can't wait to see the finished pages!! xD
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