adult realistic spiderman costume


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Has anybody purchased an adult realistic spiderman costume off of Halloween or any other site?
Feel free to post pictures.
I bought the "Disguise" brand one last September, foolishly paying just south of $200. The price fluctuated pretty wildly, dipping quite a bit after that...but it looked so good in the preview pic that I didn't wanna risk them selling out before I had a chance to get one before Halloween.

Long story short, it was a disappointment. It's probably the best-looking officially licensed Spidey costume out there, but that's not saying much considering that most licensed Spidey stuff has historically been dreck. The cons: loose-fitting, impossible-to-navigate back zipper without someone to help you in/out of it, and the mask/lens was ridiculously tight and uncomfortable. I had to make heavy mods to the mask just to make it bearable, as well as employing my rudimentary sewing skills to tighten up the costume a bit (never did get it form-fitting, though). I also darkened up the webs.

In the end, I put a lot of work into a costume that I only wore once (for Halloween) and will never wear again. For posterity's sake, though, here's a pic:

For the price you could get a much better costume

As, alas, I discovered too late.

Wish I'd known about the Zentai Zone offerings at the time...

Oh, well. The negative experience has inspired me to create my own costume, for which I'm currently and painstakingly assembling all the fabric and elements. I did it once nearly a decade ago (with much less resources available) and I can do it again.
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