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I want to make a replica of the 'grand design' notebook that the Watchers in 'The Adjustment Bureau' use. I was wondering, for the purposes of saving time, if anyone knows where I can find a design like those seen in the notebooks in the movie.

If I have to recreate to from a screen-shot I will, but if anybody has a 'Design' Generator or a concept art picture, something like that...

I know it's a long shot. Just thought I'd ask.
Thanks, I've seen that blurry photo in my searches. I ordered one of the books that it's based on and will see what's inside. I believe they have all the diagrams but won't know till I get it.

Modern Timber Engineering by Walter Scofield


Also a good link with more pics:
The Art of VFX » THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU: J. John Corbett – Superviseur de l’animation et du design – Brainstorm Digital

I thought that was only the cover and the internals are from an electrics book printed on to moleskine pages.
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