adhering styrene?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by elljellyfish, Aug 1, 2015.

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    hi everyone, this is probably an amateur question. i have been using worbla to make props so far, and just switched to styrene sheets because they're cheaper. i was wondering about adhering styrene. it doesn't have the same heat-adhesive properties (sticking to itself and other stuff when heated up) as worbla, right? what's the best way to attach styrene to itself? like glue, epoxy, ect...
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    Super glue and epoxy works for a fast joint, or when bonding styrene to other materials. But the best for styrene to styrene is plastic cement, like Tenax 7R or Plastruct Bondene. These are solvents that melt the plastic to weld them together. It takes time to dry but the parts will be fused together.
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    Also Weld-On #3 and #16 (thick) Some people use MEK but I haven't tried it, supposedly the formula has been recently changed to be more environmentally friendly and doesn't work as well.
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    Have you tried this to They might have a solution
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    I like to use auto paint thinners as it contains acetone which will melt the suffice and weld the plastic together to an incredibly strong joint, and it is cheap and easy to get anywhere. The surplus will evaporate as well it can remove some fine sanding marks in styrene
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    I too, am partial to acetone as a cheap adhesive /bonding agent for styrene. Be cautious though, the overage , drip area will leave marks from the styrene sheet being melted and reformed.

    As for removing sanding marks, it doe it well, but be sure to use a microfiber cloth, and wipe only once and let it evaporate before the next pass. It will glue small fibers to the styrene if you don't.
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  7. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    I need to watch a tutorial on liquid cements. I've tried how I've heard to use them, but they never work. The joint always comes apart.
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    I am a big fan of Weldon#3 as it will join all forms of foam based plastic (ABS, HIPS etc) as well as Perspex. Be careful with it as too much can eat right through the parts you are fusing together.

    Tip: When using magnets to hold two parts together, place paper tape on each side before placing the magnets and the join will come out nice and smooth. Without the tape, you might get marks where the magnets touched.
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    E6000 has become popular among people who armour kits of ABS and Styrene. It does not have solvents the plastic will not tear apart if you need to redo something.
  10. cpperry

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    CA glue is easy and common and killer for styrene. I have weld on 4 and a few other things, and I almost always just rock CA with accelerant. Hard to beat.

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