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Consider this an introduction thread. Hi, I'm B, otherwise known as Ironmando on the Mercs boards. I've been an official member there since '09, and a lurker on TRPF for almost as long (dunno why I'm just now joining here).

My kit has gone through several iterations, in fact right now it is going through a tweaking stage and if I had to troop in it tomorrow I wouldn't be able. Just goes to show, when it comes to costumes one can never be "done".

Other costumes I've done include a fairly on the spot Riddler (need to fix the cane) and my custom superhero Epicboy. Let's not forget his mentor Epicman and their partner Epicgirl. More on those three in the superhero costume sections later...

Little bit more about me, I have a shop where I do all my work, I split the rent with the guy who is Epicman. In fact, he actually does most of the work, I just come up with the ideas. And oddly he doesn't actually have any costumes (besides the hero). Anyways, one of these days we want to turn our hobby into something viable, so I hope to start many relationships here!


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