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    Remember this prop from the first Addams Family movie?
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    Wednesday's little lizard/dragon/iguanodon/monster pull toy. I've always loved it and wanted one, and the other day I got bored enough to make one. I am by no means a professional at this, but I figured I'd go through a step by step for those with kids that too enjoy the Addams Family and prop replicating (and are therefore awesome children).
    Supply List:
    Big piece of cardboard (at least 19'' by 10'')
    Paper mache cow (can be found in most craft stores. This will lend structure to the creature at its early stages. If you can't find one, you can always just use tape and brown paper bags.)
    Brown paper bags (or newspaper)
    Wooden wheels
    Googly eyes
    Small brass screw eye
    Gloss sealer

    First, start with good reference photos. I found the best ones here:

    Next, go to your local craft store and buy an unpainted paper mache cow (no kidding), some wheels, and some googly eyes (15mm works best).

    Take your big sheet of cardboard and draw out the basic outline of the monster. Based on the info at the link above, the prop is about 19'' long, so draw based on that size. Cut out the outline, and while you're at it, cut the cow in half too, and cut apart the legs, and the hump. Now, with your outline and mutilated cow parts ready, glue them together to give the basic under structure of the monster. Right now you should have something akin of this...
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    Now, its time for structuring. I suggest brown paper bags or newspaper and lots of tape (not the blue stuff I used here though, I wound up glueing the ends off most of the tape down). You now have this..
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    Now, break out your flour and strips of brown paper bag, cause its time to paper mache. I just used a simple flour/water mixture, but I'm sure that can be improved on if you wish to.
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    You'll be doing this for about three days. Before paper macheing each day, be sure to sand down the bumps and loose ends. I also took to temp painting the thing before every paper mache session to highlight the flaws. Then simply paper mache over them and you're good to go. As always, be sure to allow about a day each time for it to dry, otherwise it may start rotting from the inside. Very Addams-like, but not great for a toy you want to last a long time.

    After a few days of mixing flower and water and sanding and all, you're ready to paint.
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    I used these colors and mixed them up enough to ge what I needed, but again, if you're doing this with kids, it might be fun for them to choose their own designs. Regardless once the thing is painted, gloss-sealed and ready for features,now you add your eyes, screw eye, and wheels.
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    Now, just add your string (I tied a noose on the end of mine instead of a ring. Felt a little more Addams-esque) and congratulations, you have made yourself an honest to goodness replica from your favorite creepy and kooky family.
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    The little thing is a blast to make and fits well into any collection of exotic paraphernalia. The best part is that if you make it strong enough, it can actually be enjoyed by kids too and not just something for the parents to admire behind a glass case (not that there's anything wrong with that. Just windexed my case myself). All I'm saying is it's fun any easy enough building for the entire family to get in on. Enjoy, and please post pics if you make your own!
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    love it, can you pot those other referece pics too? cool project
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    your version is pretty close, maybe hit it with some flat clear paint. good job.
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    Might add some more aging to it too. Gonna sit for a little while and see how I like it. Thanks for the input! Glad you like
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