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I'm using Firefox with AdBlocker and Ghostery. I've turned both off, restarted the browser and computer, but the forum pop-up keeps telling me I have an AdBlocker installed and running on every page I visit. There seems to be 4 different pop-ups that tell me this and one of them actually prevents me from doing anything when I go to my profile.

ETA: I'm actually getting that disabling pop-up at random pages now.

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Same for me and as far as I'm aware I don't have an ad blocker installed. I think it has more to do with the new site not playing well with Firefox. I'm actually using chrome just so I can use the RPF and I'm not happy about it.
I cannot disable adblock programs installed at work, as they come with the software. At home I could, but I'd rather protect my computer than visit any forum. Many years ago another forum implemented subscriptions, and if you didn't want to pay, you lost a lot of features. That was the moment I said I will not pay a dime, if forced to. I donated before and I will continue to do so (on forums like 501st and of course on various charities), but on my own will. Also I haven't sold a thing on RPF in ages. On the other hand in my country under the communist rule we were also forced to pay a lot of taxes and had tons of restrictions, all for the "greater good". No more.

If this adblock pop-up thing will keep pushing aggressively people might simply leave the forum. There are so many options out there at this time and age, that implementing such a forced measure, when forums are taking a step behind in comparison with other social media, could be a suicidal action on long term. Just compare RPF now and a few years ago, people have migrated to other social media sites. Facebook has ads? Use Facebook Purity and they're gone.

Overlay pop-up actions to make members feel guilty for not becoming premium members (pay and not see ads, or not pay and see overlay pop-ups to make you stop using adblock, which in fact protects your own PC) might have exactly the opposite reaction.
I use Adblock Plus, because I am still on Dial-up, and after 15 minutes of waiting for the site to load up, I gave up, then tried to stop the page loading, and it would not.
I have enough problem waiting for images to load, and now ads. Not being able to block ads to shorten my load time of the pages, will limit my contributing to RPF, and I can't afford to pay so not to get ads. I understand why the ads are here, it is just wrong to lock the site, when I am a member here.
Just got my first Trojan attempt from your ads. Sigh this is WHY I use adblocker. The harassment overlays are so annoying, I may have to choose between coming or not. And I even looked for the Premium member info...still looking. I can't easily find it for some reason.
I would disable adblocker for reasonable ad placement.
Top and tail maybe, side bar, fine.

Ads half way through a post and in between posts are not acceptable.

The subsequent stiff-arming of users who value their privacy and malware protection is very disappointing.
Not sure what to tell you, I'm running Firefox and 2 ad blockers, both are active and RPF doesn't seem to notice them at all.
I know I have been added to a group that lets me run firefox but the problem is that before I log in I sometimes get the message where it completely stops me from doing anything as it overlays the entire screen. I have to keep refreshing the screen until it finally puts the message in a box or at the top of the screen where I can finally log in and not have any problems. As far as I'm aware I don't have any add blockers installed.
I am also getting the warning about "Our system has detected that an "AdBlocker" is installed in your browser. [...] Please consider to disable the AdBlocker while you're browsing in our site."

I have disabled AdBlocker for, however the warning keeps popping up in various forms, sometimes even disabling viewing of the site itself.
I am forced to reload each page I visit a couple of times to get a usable page.

The new forum looks awesome though, and it would be great if you could fix this issue!
I am a premium member and with that comes zero ads. I keep my adblocker on for my protection, and even with my premium account I have to disable it while I’m surfing therpf otherwise it freaks out like others have said
halliwax, this is in no way intended to disparage you but I'm glad to hear this is happening to premium members too. All I keep hearing is that if you don't want this problem to happen then you should become a premium member.
I'm using Firefox with AdBlocker and Ghostery. I've turned both off, restarted the browser and computer, but the forum pop-up keeps telling me I have an AdBlocker installed and running on every page I visit. There seems to be 4 different pop-ups that tell me this and one of them actually prevents me from doing anything when I go to my profile.

Regardless of whats going on with the forum itself, my advice is do not use AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, or Ghostery. Ghostery has a history of collecting user data and selling it to advertising agencies ( source ) and AdBlock will whitelist any company, website, or organization that pays them for the privilege under their "Acceptable Ads" program which is not nearly as alutruistic as they make it sound. ( source )

I recommend using uBlock (also called uBlock Origin depending on what browser you're on) instead. It includes all the features of AdBlock and Ghostery in one addon without any data collection or paid whitelisting overriding your user settings, and is also completely open-source. It has a strong development community and is highly customizable, it can block many things that AdBlock either can't or won't, and is also much more effecient.
Trojan attempt?.. and the suggested fix is to PAY for Premium Membership?

Totally missing the mark on that one. :eek::mad: :)

Whether one pays or not.. EVERYONE should be safe from malicious content..... no?
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Yeah these ads are getting ridiculous. The response of "well sign up for premium" is pretty corporate man. Kinda sucks.
I found out what the problem for me is, it may be the same in other people's case: I browse this forum using Firefox, and my tracking protection is ON.
If I turn this OFF, the adblock "errors" go away...

So basically, me wanting not be be tracked by 3rd party websites is the reason that's forum software thinks I am running an ad blocker.
However, I will not turn this off. I believe it is my right to keep my browsing information private.

In my opinion, this is a failure on the part of, and if any mods are reading this I hope you take note and fix this.
Until then, I will turn my ad blocker back on.
xl97, no I accept all cookies from the site itself. The tracking protection is the stock that comes with a default Firefox installation.
For example, I stay logged in and the site remembers me when I come back.
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