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I am/was in the process of making a Ripley, Ash and Brett Nostromo costume, but decided to go as the other guy in Nostromo gear to Stockholm Comic Con 2022 this weekend.


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This is awesome : )
mirola I see that's my shoulder patch, blue wings and label, but not my shirt... did you make it yourself? Looks good!

I made the Nostromo shirt and pants for asavage Early on. Here are some photos for reference, which is now a cosplay costume of its own accord!


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NostromoCrew, that’s right, it’s your patches. The shirt I made along with a white one, came out nice but it is a standard pilot 50/50 cotton I think, and in blue so they are off by material and color.
I am constantly thinking of buying a setup of your shirt and pants, and maybe I will some day, they are things of beauty.
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I think a Cutter style would be better than Cattleman's . You might bump that brim all over the place in those;) Nostromo cramped places

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