Adam Ant, Then and now

Question on this "Then" earring. It looks to me like he placed a silver crossbones on his gold loop. I have placed my quick mockup example next to it for color reference:

View attachment 1738128

Finding the exact earring is not likely so besides sculpting one, this purchased charm is a close second at 3/4 inch tall at ten feet away. List any sources you might have for crossbone charms and opinions on this color combo.
Finally found a very hi res photo of the famous earring. It is flat and enamel filled. But yes, it is silver attached to a gold loop.

A bit of a quick advance on the bicorn from Mich Dolce, I obtained the base material in a single day. I would say this is unusual but I lead a blessed life sometimes. I knew I wanted a metal base and was going to start with the aluminum turkey roasting pan (my Dollar Tree go-to for most sculpting projects). The more I looked at the original the more it looked more organic and less crinkled but still stiff. So my next request was metal door screen. I have seen the fixative coated straw hats shaped easily and they harden. I figured that I could use screen the way stage props are made (chicken wire and door screen covered in layers of fixative or sprayed) and then cover it in suit cloth. So, I pick up the phone and called my engineer uncle and explained my plan. He says, "Three miles out of town turn left, then right, then left on Ladyslipper and left again on the little dirt road. Go to the quansit hut and there is a small 8x8 storage shed out front. The door is open but you can only lean inside. Look to the left, there is a roll."

I follow these instructions in my little Fiat 500/Panda. We are legit offroad at this stage. This is not their home, just a property they bought 20 years back. The roll is exactly where he says AND it is clear sheet poly coated metal screen. The exact kind I saw years ago on a show about how to make fiberglass or cement statuary forms and stage props. I have never once seen it in stores. We do have a boat manufacturer in town so this is likely the first layer in one of their processes when not using the gigantic molds.


Pattern cutting and fitting tomorrow and then we do round two with suit cloth attached. I am using a fixative coated straw hat for the crown and overlaying it with the metal mesh. I will upload patterns only after I have a successful version.

Maybe not a coincidence, it is half as tall (from center forehead to top of hat) as it is wide (as seen, including all folds and arcs already shaped). So my pattern will just be increased in proportion until it fits around my head. Here is my small pattern when flattened:


The distance 1 is half the width. The distance 3 is half the width. The distance 2 is the size of my head. The red is the outside pattern cut shape (From red edge inward). The purple is the hole being cut for hat crown insert. The blue are the fold lines.


I will load final measurements when finished.
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Well, in the case of Adam, it could've passed for Rimmel going down his cheeks:p;)
Total tangent but..... This is one of the greatest things about the Stan Winston classes. I have seen them use 4 separate makeup types to stop accidents during performance. My first thought when I read your post was the solution, second thought was it was funny because it is true. Bottom layer alcohol thinned makeup, next oil, next water and then silicon or any combination without water thinned on as skin contact layer. Lots of product though.
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I am going to try not to bury this next bit in pics. I used a straw hat as the crown because my hat material is metal screen and not friendly to skin. I enlarged my pattern, cut it out and spent a couple hours shaping and addressing differences. I am now at round two of full pattern cutouts for tomorrow so no final pattern yet.


So, we begin again tomorrow by taking the upper left corner and mirroring it to the right and then mirroring that to the bottom. I will also leave some attachment points in the central crown to connect the straw hat. After the pattern is confirmed, I will layer on the wool suit coat material.
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What kind of material are you going to use for the final fabric on that hat? Looking good, btw(y)(y)
I had at first looked into a rough canvas because I thought it looked ribbed in some pictures. But I think it is a dark grey wool suit jacket material with a maroon line accent about every 3 inches, then shellaced. I cannot get a better fabric picture so I am going a bit crosseyed at this point and likely heading down the rabbit hole on my current guess.
Some base model shots for shape (of the original hat):

Photo - Adam Ant Hat by Mich Dulce_1.jpg
Photo - Adam Ant Hat by Mich Dulce_2 (1).jpg

And a closeup showing it is likely a custom hat material and not suit fabric. Very open gaps in the weave and well coated with a lacquer of sorts.

Screenshot_20230917-190916_Samsung Internet.jpg
Here are a couple to look at:




Here are a couple to look at:

View attachment 1740460

View attachment 1740461

View attachment 1740462
I really like the spacing on the burlap. I think if shellaced, this will be visually accurate. And joannes is 12 minutes away.... and I practically live there.

I will purchase some, shellac the sample and post results with it photographed on the current shell for weave gap comparison to Adam's.
Total side note: To honor the original maker, I will be replicating the " Hand Made in Manila for Adam Ant.." rosette ribbon badge but will be changing the wording as to not impersonate an original. I will in some way indicate the logo is Mich but that it is a duplicate honoring the work for cosplay purposes. Suggestions appreciated.
Here are a couple to look at:

View attachment 1740460

View attachment 1740461

View attachment 1740462
Really feeling this burlap is the right choice. Hoping the gapping is correct when I have it in hand. Here is a side by side (pattern is exact but sizing could still be different).


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