Actor Yaphet Kotto passed away at 81


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He was a presence to be reckoned with, on the screen and off.

May he Rest In Peace.

Oh No!

Spoke with him a lot the many times I Visited “Homicide: Life On The Streets” Set and he always had time for me .

Would have always LOVED to see his take on Jean-Luc Picard but it was not to be
A really, really good actor. It's criminal he's not known better. From ALIEN alone, he was one of the main elements that pushed everyone to do better---to exhausting and frustrating levels. Coming from that time of naturalism and method, he'd riff with Stanton and the others before, during, and after the cameras rolled just to get everyone into that headspace for the characters. It's even more incredible to think that there was hardly any background or descriptions provided in the original script for any of the Nostromo crew, as well.

That's how good he was.
He was a very interesting Man to speak with especially on Religion as well as show biz

Here is something for all you Trekkers, not only was he offered the role of Jean-Luc Picard, but his wife was drill-thrall Shauna on TOS.

Always hoped I would get another chance to speak with him but after ‘Homicide...” he moved to the phillipines

Putting in, “Blue Collar” tonight

See you on the other side or hope we meet again one day Yaphet, you certainly lived up to your name!

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