Acton Lane power station - Batman 89 and Aliens location

nick daring

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The Acton Lane power station provided the setting for cool industrial looking settings in both these movies.

The Atmosphere Processor in Aliens

Axis Chemicals in Batman 1989

The hand rails are easily matched in the images above but I'd love to see more Aliens caps if anyones got them that have good landmarks. I love the idea of Batman and Hicks tromping around the same catwalks.

Does any pics of the power station without the set dressing and movie lights? The power plant was torn down a few years ago and whatever pics that are out there I can't seem to locate.

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Wraith 5

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I know some of the externals for Axis Chemicals were shot at Little Barford power station also. I watched them demolish it as a kid in the 90's from my bedroom window. Been inside the new station they've built to replace it and the pipes and machinery look equally fit for a sci fi movie.