Acrane Swamp Thing Monster


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I want to get a mask bust made of the arcane monster from the first Swamp Thing movie? Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?



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I think he means the monster that Dr. Arcane turns into from the end of the first movie. that mask is my favorite of Tom's sculpts though!


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FYI, FX great Bill Munns, who built both the Arcane suit as well as the original Swampy,
has some great behind the scenes pics at his site. Ask your local search engine for details.
BTW, wonder if anyone's ever built a replica wearable Arcane monster before ....

Best of luck w/ the project!


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I have a original screen used mask that Dick Durock wore in swamp thing the tv series, I will post picts when i get a chance and if this board will let me. I was working at Universal Florida in the early 90's and that was on of the shows we did. I dont think there was any more that survived the show usually they were just thrown away or destroyed as they were taken off Dick.
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