Achilles Costume for Upcoming Trojan War Re-enactment


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My friend Trevor was asked to play the part of Achilles in a re-enactment of the Trojan War which will take place during the Burning Man Festival next month. Short on materials, tools, and experience, he turned to me for advice.

The first thing I had him do was heat up a sheet of Sintra PVC on my vacforming oven and press it down over a torso mannequin I had sitting in the workshop. We used damp rags to simultaneously shape and cool the sheet so it would conform to the shape of the torso form. Here's the chest plate:

And the back plate done the same way:

Once we'd trimmed and shaped these pieces to fit better, the next step was to bond a strip of Sintra around the outer edges:

While we were waiting for the glue to dry on the outer strip, we couldn't resist the urge to do a paint test. Here's Trevor spraying some primer onto the chest:

And a bit of Rustoleum Antique Bronze:

We've also made progress on a one-off fiberglass helmet, but I don't have very good pics. Stay tuned for updates.
We've continued working on the helmet and today Trevor learned that he can wear it without taking off his safety glasses:

The chest plate is finished, so today we primed it:

And gave it a liberal coating of Rustoleum Classic Bronze:

The back plate is coming together too:

Stay tuned...
Here's a quick shot of the weathering on some of the pieces:

The shoulder piece to the left has not been weathered yet.
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