Accurizing 1:2500 Enterprise D


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Hey folks!

This is my FIRST Star Trek model EVER...
I loved the look of the Enterprise D since I first saw it on TV... so... 20 years later... I got myself a 1:2500 model.
Sure, that kit is great for that small scale, but has its flaws.

So, I took the 6-ft-model as reference and did some modifications to catch the look as seen in "Generations".


I re-designed the "neck"; re-shaped the hangars and built the impulse-engine in the middle from scatch. Lots of filling and sanding:

The main hangar edges were re-shaped:

I found that the shape of the "arms" was always based on the blueprints and the 4-ft studio model. On the 6-ft Enterprise the bow and radius of the arms are shaped wider. So I heated and re-shaped this area on the kit and added 0.5 mm styrene to make it thicker.
I think it looks quite like the 6-ft Version as seen on the Christie's Auction photos.

I added the middle window on the lower saucer and sanded the gap between the upper and lower saucer halves to match the look of the 6ft Enterprise, who has a thin gap:

Hope you like it so far...


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Looks great. Gotta love those decals! Did you use the kit decals or an after market set?
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