ACC Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Sisko4, May 16, 2012.

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    After severall Hours...with Hours i mean the awesome World of Skyrim, i decided to build the Dragon Priest Mask.

    There are several other Masks out there, but not all are smooth and molded/casted.

    I worked about 2 Weeks on it, from the Pepakura Stage (Thx to Hugh Holder for the best DP Mask File EVER) to the Molding Stage, Weekends don´t count.
    The Mold was made with my favorite Silicone, Rebound 25.
    Cast made with Task21.
    For the Painting, i used something special and expensive, Granite Texture 3D Paint.

    Now i only work on the Padding and adding the Headbands.


    [NOTE: The Picture with the Mold in the Mothermold shows a little Space on the right Side, that´s because i don´t layed it correctly in the MM!)
  2. hydin

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    Very cool!!!!!!!

    Love the rock texture :)

    Are you going to make the full set? I only have one so far in my game, but I am hoping that I will be adding a few in a week or so :)

  3. zanthious

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    pretty nice dude, I been thinking about making one also. Yours looks very well done imo.
  4. Sisko4

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    Maybe, if the Sprays not making my Bank Account empty^^
    the Granite Spray costs about 17USD for a small Can...
  5. Camaro91

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    A full set would be awesome, I might go towards you sale thread now.
  6. Sisko4

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    Maybe not forme, cause i dont have the Place to display all of them, but you can order as much as you like^^

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