Aargh! My MR Phaser emitter stuck - any solutions?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Black Rain, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Black Rain

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    I was showing off my rarely-handled MR Phaser to a friend a couple of weeks ago, and having retracted the emitter by rotating the collar it stuck and wouldn't extract. Several panicky minutes later, I realised my attempts to move it were just making the situation worse.

    I emailed MR and they said they no longer support/repair that product.

    What can I do? Has anyone encountered this problem? If so... has anyone fixed it before? I am extreeeeemely hesitant to start taking it to pieces. Any advice or tips would be *hugely* appreciated.

  2. TOKI


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    First off, DON'T FORCE IT. It will strip or break if you do.

    This can be easily fixed. The difficult part will be opening up the phaser. Once you have done that you will notice that the end of the emitter inside the phaser is threaded into a "corkscrew".

    Simply apply a coat of lithium grease to this assembly and reassemble the phaser.

  3. SurferGeek

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    This is a VERY common occurance on the MR Phasers and a little teflon or lithium grease will do nicely. Was apparently a design flaw, the other weak are of the phasers is the two prong "twist lock" connection between the P1 body and the powerpack.
  4. KUROK

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    There's a channel in that clear piece where the "corkscrew" threads are found. A very small piece of wire guides in this channel so the emitter will move in and out without rotating. Typically, this metal piece gets bent over and will damage the threads. I had to take mine apart and repair the threads with a hobby knife. The clear material is soft. At this point you can bend the metal wire guide straight again.
    The grease is important too but I rarely use this feature. It is a bad design...
  5. Sporak

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    Mine did the same thing but I fixed it following these directions posted on another board... I forgot who it was that posted it but thank you for doing so...

    This really worked..it's easier than you think it will be.


    First, take the power pack (handle) and the P1 off.

    Then gently push back the aspirator grills, use a small flat-head screwdriver to 'nudge' the grills back if you have to. Take the whole assembly of the grills with the plexi off and keep it off to the side (the metal grills are very fragile as they bend easily).

    Unscrew the flat-head screw near the front of the phaser (on the bottom).

    Put the P2 down on the left side (left when nozzle facing away from you) and remove the right side of the P2 structure.

    The rubber P1 emitter protector near the plexi 'window' may stick a little bit to the right side of the P2 body, so gently pull it away from the body (don't worry, it's not necessary for it to stick to it).

    I found that when i took off the right side, the P1 spring-clip fell off - there was no damage, you can easily put it back when you are putting it back together, just make sure you have the black part in the right position (rounded should be on top) - you'll see what i'm talking about when you open it up.

    You can now slide the whole emitter nozzle (including the alluminum) off from the body if you want to remove the plexi emitter. be careful as the micro LED square is hot-glued to the back of the plexi. You can remove this and easily replace it later without the use of more hot glue (just squeeze it back in).

    You will notice on the plexi nozzle that there is a gap on one side cut vertically through the threads (vertically as in hight wise, not circumfrence).

    You will also notice that there is a small metal piece sticking out from the opening for the alluminum nozzle on the P2 body. This piece is to fit into the gap preventing the plexi to rotate when turning the nozzle. This piece is where everything is going wrong - if you overextend the nozzle, this piece cuts through the threads.

    To put it back together, just do all of the instructions in reverse.
  6. Black Rain

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  7. Black Rain

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    Thank you so much guys for taking the time to reply. It is most heartening to know I am not alone in this predicament. Apprehensive to begin (and I REALLY hope I haven't already damaged it with my fiddling) but massively grateful for you advice and support.

    Will report back when the deed is done. :confused
  8. Black Rain

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    Done it. Thank you Bill and all.

    * that aluminium's soft. Slightly bent the 'hood' that sits over the window at the front when placing the two halves of the body back together. Easy to bend back, but left tiny nigglesome scratch mark. The lube helped restore the emitter to its original smooth-working state.

    "But" says the perfectionist prop maniac, "that's just authentic service wear and tear". :)

    Strange that such a thing as a replica phaser can make or break one's day. Feel iiiiinfinitely better. :lol Fond regards to you all. [Note to Bill... your spread of sabers makes me drool every time. Hope you've now found them all after moving house.]
  9. Sporak

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    Well, since you asked..here's the full spread ;)
    The ones on my banner are older and I've changed out a couple...

    Hey Tim...you've got to have a great collection going now too...I'd love to see it sometime :)

    About the Phaser...Yeah I was lost with that one too, but I saw that post...The other thing to be really carefull with as mentioned , are the prongs from the handle...man once it's together and working right, don't take that handle off unless you absolutely have to...that was my first problem, but with a little tweaking, and tearing the thing apart, I was able to fix it, better than it was when I got it.

    Cheers my friend :)

  10. Gojira61

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    MAN. That's some fine "wine" you have there. ;)

  11. Black Rain

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    :love Can I come and live with you?

    I [sniff] used to have [sniff] a lovely wall-mounted saber display, each one appearing to 'hover' as it rested on two discreet nails. Then... our firstborn arrived and, well, you can chart her height by counting how many of the lower ones have been removed. :lol

    I can't BELIEVE I didn't take a picture of it in full glory. I'll snap a few shots of what's left this weekend to give you an idea. You're right, though Bill. It has been too long. Like about 2 years.

    Many thanks indeedy for posting that pic. Ooo, you've just got me thinking about a couple of sabers I don't yet own. :D Where's yer Sidious?? Dodgy-looking though it is...
  12. Sporak

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    I hear ya my friend...
    In my case it was the arrival of my son that inspired this madness...well after a couple years :)

    You're right...there are 2 that I don't have, the Sideous...(I'm hoping MR will make that one into one of the cheapies)...I just don't like it and CAN'T pay too much for it...and the other is the Adi Galia...
    That one is simple enough, when I get my lathe (soon) I'm going to tackle that one myself. As well as the Obi/Luke shared stunt.

    That should just about do it...

    Customs and more customs though ;)

    PS and yes...come on over anytime :)


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