A whole bunch of new costumes from an oldbie


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Hi folks. I still exist.

The recent incident dragged me back into the RPF and HI...I feel a little bad that I don't have a lot to share in the way of movie replica costumes anymore, because I haven't seen a movie I want to build from in years and in the meantime, I've been taken over by Japan.

But in case anybody's been wondering what ObiWannabe has been up to in the last, oh, five or six years, I've got some galleries on my website to share.

Strange Land Costuming
Strange Land Costuming

I've reached Master level in competition through most of these costumes.

Pretty soon I'll be able to share some props, I've been building Zoro's swords from One Piece with some help from the guys on here, teaching me about woodworking. I can't wait to show them to you, but it may not be until springtime when I can put final coats of spraypaint on certain parts. In the meantime, that's what I have to share.

Oh, and Strange Land Costuming is STILL open for business, as it was 11 years ago when the gang here first got me started with loads and loads of Jedi commissions. So if you really don't want to build it yourself, look me up.

Thanks for checking me out. Alas, no more Jedi for me. I gave it up for Lent about seven years ago. :cool


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I love the work you put into the Dende costume!

Good luck with the swords. I am currently trying to build a replica Master Sword from Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword, and I'm still undecided on the plans for the build.

Keep up the great work!


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Thanks! I keep saying I should trot him out again, I haven't worn him since 2004 I think. There's been a resurgance in DBZ lately, maybe it's time.

I've seen the Master Sword done all sorts of different ways. I guess it just depends on your skill set? Some people like casting, some prefer fiberglass and foam, or wood, or what have you. I went for wood for the katana because of my workshop space (or lack thereof) and inability to make molds and things.