A Warning to Any Considering Purchasing From Matsucorp


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I'd just like to caution anyone considering purchasing an "Aliens" pulse rifle from Matt. I placed an order with him in June of 2021. Since my initial down payment of $600, I've sent him an additional $700 or so in parts. He initially promised that the rifle would be completed within six months, however, that date has long since come and gone and I have nothing at all to show for it. He would continually provide excuses as to why the rifle wasn't completed and often take several weeks to respond to my emails. Finally after well over a year of waiting, I demanded a refund and now he has completely ghosted me. Unfortunately, my paypal protection has long since expired, and it appears that he has simply stolen $1200+ from me. Once again, DO NOT trust Matt with your money unless you wish to have pilfered. Years ago there was a time when he was a reliable and trusted member of the Aliens community, but unfortunately that is no longer the case and he has descended into common criminality. It's sad to see a once trusted prop maker to fall to such depths, but I feel it's my duty to inform others and hopefully prevent them from being scammed as well.
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I'm sorry this happened to you, but you've been a member here since 2019 and there was the Problems with Matsuo? thread going on since 2014, warning members to be wary of dealings with Matsuo. Almost everyone here already knows not to deal with him. A simple search, or a question to the members here on who to, or not to deal with would have been wise.

There are also numerous threads warning members not to allow transactions go beyond the PayPal expiration date, and yet, despite all that good advice, and PayPal purchase protection, there are people who still continue to throw good money after bad.

Still, this thread that you've created may be some help to new members who don't use the search function.


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