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A very special Star Wars giveaway not to be missed at The Prop Gallery


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As part of Star Wars week at The Prop Gallery we are giving one lucky competition winner the chance of a lifetime to win a unique part of Star Wars History. Our stellar competition giveaway is an original piece of hand drawn storyboard art created during the production of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!

The storyboard is accomplished in pen and pencil and depicts a Snowspeeder zooming over the camera and away into the distance in the memorable battle of Hoth scenes. Believed to be in the hand of assistant visual effects art director Nilo Rodis-Jamero the storyboard is rendered on A4 paper and is complete with the type written shot details underneath which have been glued to the board from a separate page. All the copies of this storyboard which were distributed to various crew members during the production would have originated from this hand drawn original.

The storyboard up for grabs can be viewed here: http://www.thepropga...ryboard-speeder

With a market value of £1995.00 this represents a one off opportunity to obtain a unique piece of original art from the Star Wars universe. To enter simply answer the following question by emailing your answer to and we will draw a winner at random from all of the correct answers on Monday April 27, the storyboard will then by shipped out to the lucky winner accompanied by our Prop Gallery COA free of charge with no questions asked!

Who portrayed Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy?

A. Harrison Ford

B. Alec Guinness

C. Mark Hamill

To enter simply email your answer to with the subject STAR WARS COMPETITION.

Good luck!

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