A very curious pulse rifle


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I posted this over at the aliens legacy, figured I'd throw it up here for maximum exposure and potential answers. :) Njc-----

OK, so I have spent the past 3 weeks doing a lot of bed rest. Healing is a long, boring, painful endeavor.

So, I ask my girlfriend to pull my heavy comic book boxes over to the bedside and I decide to read one of my very favorite runs in comics ever. The second ALIENS run dark horse published. With the gorgeous airbrushed covers and interiors.

I read the series through, enjoying the story very much, wishing they'd of taken the films in this bold of a direction.

THEN, I hit the last letters column. Issue 4. The first photo makes my jaw drop.

They had folks dressing as colonial marines in 1989? I had NO IDEA. But really, the first thing to hit me is the curious pulse rifle. >D

Anyway, what is up with THIS pulse rifle????????? Anyone know these marines? Anyone ever see this pulse rifle before? It doesn't have a barrel, or any kind of vents or anything. It just looks WIERD, and . . . black??????



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I'll give it a try tomorrow, but the image was printed out of reg, and when I blew it up it looked pretty aweful. This is photoshop blurred a bit to make it easier to see.



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Hey, look at that. It's tomorrow already :)

Best I got. You can see from the yellow and red shadows, this is out of CMYK registration just enough to make it a problem on the details, and it's a small photo anyway. But I hope this helps.

I have never seen a pulse rifle even close to this one before. I have to guess it's home scratch built.


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I think I know that guy in the middle. His name escapes me, but he worked at HMS prop studios - I want to say Bob ?


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Originally posted by Got Maul@Feb 2 2006, 10:56 PM
I think I know that guy in the middle. His name escapes me, but he worked at HMS prop studios - I want to say Bob ?
That does look like bob


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I'd bet those guys are tied to Hi-Impact. I remember reading that Mat Clayson had done some very early USCM costumes...



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This is why I love the RPF, and the legacy boards. You can post the most obscure picture in the world, and somebody is going to know what it is and that is just COOL.