A Tribute to SS X-Wing. All time goodie.

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Ewok, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Ewok

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    Hi guys,
    introducing me and my latest project to this forum. I've gained so much information from all of you that showing off what I did with it......is like some kind of obligation and a tribute to a great model kit.
    I know you all have seen lots of Xwings in the past. For me it was great fun everytime watching all those pics from all the fighters you guys build. Everyone looked different....everbody did something special to it. And it is the kit everybody should have in the living room :lol
    I had a lot fun building it up. It is not yet finished completely. I just have to wire the fiber optics and plug everything into my self made blinking LED device. Thought that I will place the electronics under the small tower I rebuild using the same measurements as the original and place it onto the base.
    But for now i have finished painting so far. I've added some pics of the pre process where I placed a few more details with styrene onto the fuselage and the cockpit. The cockpit by itself was detailed with parts from the 8 wheeled tamiya kit and the airfix shool class harrow kit.
    I've spent some time detailing the engine sections as well with model kit parts. I've added a steel rod support for the wings for easy removing. I placed some magnets inside to hold them in place. And an acrylic case for the archive look is ordered already.
    But take a look for yourself.....and let me know what you think.
    Thanks for having this kit Mike.... :thumbsup

    Pre process pics:

    finished paintjob:
  2. CessnaDriver

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    Thank for posting the pics. Great work.

    I am in the middle of this kit now and it is very helpful to see how others did things.
    I see you put the tubing on the ends of the wings on the laser cannons. Looks good, seeing yours I am going to do the same thing.

    Right now I am putting all the holes into R2 to light him and test fitting the fiber optics. He has those little pairs of rectangle lights in a few places, that may be tough to do. Thinking to just drill a larger hole and and cover the end of the fiber optic with bare metal foil and cut out the rectangles.

    This kit has its faults. I had to soak the fuselage in hot water and put weights on them to straighten them out for sanding and mating and bend the rear of the bottom fuselage to match up better with the end piece to minimize puttying and sanding.

    It is not perfect accurate, I found little details not correct, to Lukes Red Five anyways.
    But nothing a normal human would ever notice, just studying the few pics we have of Red Five that show details.

    I will be sure to post my pics when it is done.
  3. Treadwell

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    Great job.

    That's a DS base I haven't seen before. How'd ya do it?
  4. Ewok

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    Thanks for words guys. Yep, I had the same problem with the fuselage and the endpiece. I used a hot air fan to bend it into position. After that I machine sanded the endpiece of the fuselage to be straight and right-angled. That minimized puttying and I even had not to rescratch the bottom panel lines.

    For the base I used some larger styrene sheets which I painted and washed slightly to add some panel structure. On top of that I placed those great death star pieces available through the Starship modeler website.
    These pieces are awesome detailed. They have the exact same measurements as the originals from ILM.
    Just to say that they have lots of more detail than the ILM pieces in this size ever had.
    Some paint...some powders.....and there you'll go :)
  5. Maths_Hal

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    * cool.. Love the weathering.

  6. Watson

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    I gotta say you really did the bird justice. I am really impressed with all the additions you made. You definately personalized her and did a fantastic job.

  7. Ewok

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    Thanks Greg. You are one of those guys who inspired me so much. Thanks a lot for your detailed reviews etc. Keep it up. Max respect :thumbsup
  8. Talisen

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    That is one nice build up. Yeah, your little touches do make it stand out..

    One of these days I'll get to starting mine and I'll definitely be looking back at yours for inspiration.
  9. Watson

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Ewok @ Jun 22 2006, 04:50 PM) [snapback]1266158[/snapback]</div>
    I appreciate that very much. :$

    As for the ship, I love to build them and I am glad that others can take something from my site. Again fantastic job on her, you deserve Max Respect in return.

  10. Tony

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Ewok @ Jun 22 2006, 09:08 PM) [snapback]1266117[/snapback]</div>
    Those look like the tiles I mastered for SSM. It's cool to see them being utilized like that in other peoples projects. Great job.

    They may be out of stock but please put yourself on the pre-order list if you want them.
  11. Ewok

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    Tony.....aren't you the one who build the Scratchbuilt Deathstar Turbolaser Tower Diorama and the Y wings on their last mission in the trench? Man.....you are a legend. The deathstar dio is by far the coolest I've ever seen.
    Genius. Simply genius. I love you sense for the detail. Easy to spot on these great death star tiles. :thumbsup
  12. jedi_adrian

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    Awesome work.

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