A terrible eBay idea. Fake SW prop for $5K.


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I'll let you guys handle this as you will, but I thought I would spread awareness...

I will not post the live link, but there is something up on eBay right now under the title, "Original Prop Gun from first Star Wars film".

Looks like some sort of bastardized Mac-10 or Uzi. Possibly resin with plastic parts on it, or perhaps even a modified toy.

The description simply states "original prop gun from original Star Wars movie".

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The best part? The $5000.00 price tag.

I could be wrong. I admit. MAYBE this gun made an appearance SOMEWHERE in the background in one scene, or was on set, but didn't make it into the film, etc. Who knows.

But I'm 99% sure this guy is full of utter crap. I hope he doesn't con some poor sap with that $5000.00 price tag. That would be criminal. Perhaps even literally.

Alan Castillo

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don't think we're allowed to post links to live auctions are we?
And only if its an item that would interest the board to buy, and so that members wouldn't bid against each other etc.

In this case, I think there is no interest whatsoever, apart from the hilariousness :lol


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I tried to bid 100,000 but ebay doesn't it like it when you exceed the buy-it-now price. I'd take a "no pay" hit for this.


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We should all chime in and make casts of it. Make it our official RPF prop with a rich history!


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If you think that one looks bad, you should see some of the monstrosities that WERE assembled for the OT (but thankfully not seen on screen)!

becarefull sir! If you try to bid with so high like $100000. your ID may get problem from some eBay officer.
You know, I have very little experience in casting, creating, etc., but I know that with my background in sculpture and art I could easily make something more realistic looking than this. Just saying.