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Hello there

I'm new to the costume making and researching costume wardrobe. Can any1 help me name clothing (brands, type, ..) needed to complete the costume.

The clothing i'm researching is from the movie The A-Team (2010).
Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck (Played by Bradley Cooper) his gear when they head into Baghdad to steal the printingplates from the Ex-Saddam's Spec. Ops.




Thanks in advance for helping me.

Welcome to the RPF first of all. :):thumbsup

Unfortunatly i can´t help you with your request, but this should be moved to the Replica Costume section...
Hi RoCKo,

Maybe I can help you.
I know only few things, but I hope it will helps
From top to bottom:

- scarf: Shemagh white-black or tan-black
- Gun: M4A1 carbine ( http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/A-Team,_The_(2010) )
- Vest, holster etc..: in Vancouver they usually use blackhawk and some local store)
- Pants: Crye with knee panel.
- Boots: Oakley S.I. assault boot in 6 or 8 inches.

That's all I know.
This movie was one of the only movies were they used tac gear that a PMC would use in the sandbox. Very realistic looks to Hannibal and Face in this pic, here is a close shirt for now. I am sure I can find the exact shirt just give me some time.

Olive Drab Rip-Stop Heat & Water Resistant Army Combat Shirt

EDIT: Here is the shirt, not sure why I didnt look at Crye first lol

Here are the pants!
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