a sticky question


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Hi, was wondering what uk DESTINY and HALO builders were sticking there EVA foam Armour and weapons together with ? i know in the USA they big up barge cement but is there a UK alternative contact cement other than hot glue.
Also do you seal your EVA foam Armour/weapons/props with several coats of wood glue before priming and painting them

many thanks


I've been circling this question for a while too, as we can't get Barge over here, and recently heard a strong recommendation for Alpha Thixofix (via Punished Props & ArtyFakes).
Haven't tried it myself yet but I trust the recommendation.

(I've been out of the UK LARP scene for a while now, but any friend-of-a-friend weapon makers you can find would be a good source too.)

For sealing, wood glue / PVA, latex, Krylon primers all work. I'd check out Evil Ted Smith (youtube) and Punished Props for tips (both US-centric, but good general info).



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Thanks SDGlyph ill look into that, its a pain when you see a tutorial and they say "its available in any deer and beer shack" aaaaaargh so glad worbla is German or that would be another product from america that's a pain to get hold of


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I'm in Canada and we don't seem to be able to get Barge either. I'm using Lepage contact cement, It's ok but time will tell how this stuff holds up. If anyone in Canada has a good alternative to Barge I'd like to know what it is


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bought some EVO-STIK impact instant contact adhesive and it seems to be ok like the barg cement you apply it and leave it for 5-10 minutes then join it, and its handy as it comes it 65g tubes as well................sweet lol of course a con test is the benchmark if it holds up then its all good


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Also just had a friend recommend Lepage Heavy Duty contact cement which is available at any local Walmart. A small can in only $7 Canadian. lepage.jpg
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