A small piece of Hobbiton.

Magnoli Props

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We were asked to replicate some Hobbiton village notices for a customer's display and enjoyed the experience so thought I'd post it!
Here is the notice board from Hobbiton in New Zealand.


I love the aging they have used on each notice, you can see a Daniel Reeve style with the green watercolor aging. Just great!

We tried using a dip pen to replicate the text but soon realized that a small paint brush was the way to go.

For the paper we used a few different weights and colors to give variation. But instead of using a yellow paper for the yellow looking notices we ended up using some water based paint, mixing it with coffee and water to give a nice golden dirty look.
Using the same technique to add touches of green also.
Quite happy how it turned out.

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I really thought you were going to say you'd souvenired some leaves from the shrubbery at Hobbiton and now you're listing them on ebay! :lol:

Nice job on the props!

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