A skull for all occasions, ghost rider, red skull, etc..

Red Lion

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Here is a skull I sculpted a couple years back, I have used it for a red skull costume and a ghost rider costume, could be used for a ton of things, I have to dig up pics of the sculpt but here are two I did for some friends.

Both are hand tapped of fiberglass​

Red Lion

New Member
MAN..that looks SICK....are they made of latex?

off the subject alittle: I hope that this new Ghostrider movie is better then the last one...Part one kinda sucked lol..just sayin GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE Trailer - YouTube

Thanks man. No, they are fiberglass... kinda like wearin a form fitting football helmet. I wouldn't be head buttin unless I had too, But they will take some impact...
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