A question for the Fem!Captain Americas


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I'm working on a Fem!Cap and having the worst time with helmet sizing. Do you guys buy off the rack or make your own?


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A lot of the general Cap threads I've read have handmade helmets using pep files or custom helmets they've commissioned, but most of the fem!Caps I've seen tend to go without a helmet. I plan on skipping the helmet too whenever I get around to doing the TFA hero suit or stealth suit, so I can do something interesting with my hair (at least for TFA) and just for convenience and comfort.


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I was wondering about what to do with the helmet/mask dilemma myself. I was thinking of maybe just having the facemask bit and discarding the bit that covers the hair. Coz Quite frankly I don't want to ruin my hair. ;) got plans for victory rolls.