a papercraft question: how to remove paper mounted on 3M mount spray?


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first of all, i am new to this forum, if i posted on a wrong forum, please redirect me, thanks!!

ok, i am making a papercraft tank, but i don't want to make it with thin A4 paper, i am planning to do it in cardboard instead, so naturally i guess i would print the template from my printer and mount the template on the cardboard, but how do i remove the mounted template which the mount would probably one of those 3M mount spray??

thank you!!



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Hi keith! Welcome to the forum. I am a hobby paper model designer and builder. There is an easy solution to your problem: Just glue the thin paper containing the printed pattern to the inside of the card. Then you don't have to remove anything. Second, if your printer is able to handle the card, print the pattern right onto it. I hope this helps. :)
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