A one day Costume and Prop con in Dallas - October 3, 2015

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    The Dallas Makerspace (www.dallasmakerspace.org) will be hosting a one day
    convention on October 3rd from 10am to 8pm. Brushes, Bobbins and Bolts:
    A Costuming and Propmaking Convention
    will be a free event for anyone to

    The programming schedule is being assembled right now, and we are looking for
    more panelists! If you have an idea please contact us. Some of the currently
    proposed panels and live demos under consideration include:

    Creating sand casting molds and pouring aluminum
    Preparing Pepakura files for output to a laser cutter in Inkscape
    Prop Photography
    Costume Photography
    Introduction to 3d Printing software
    Mold making
    Resin Casting
    Vacuum Forming

    Tours of the Dallas Makerspace will be taking place every hour on the hour
    throughout the day, and many of the panels will be making use of DMS
    equipment and tools like the laser cutter, foundry, 3d printers, vacuum former, and
    CNC router.

    The DMS facilities in use for the convention include three panel rooms. 1) 50 seat
    lecture hall/theater (A/V - Epson HD projector, 120" screen, surround sound,
    Chromecast). 2) 50 seat hands-on classroom with tables (A/V - two wall mounted
    60" HD flat panel TVs, Chromecast). 3) 25 seat classroom (A/V - one 60" HD flat
    panel TV on mobile stand, Chromecast). 4) A large display area for attendee's props.

    For more information, to apply for a panel, or to request space for a prop display,
    please contact me at: thetinkerstoolbox@yahoo.com

    Paul Wilson
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    Due to lack of interest, the Brushes, Bobbins and Bolts: A Costuming and Propmaking Convention mini con will not be happening.

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