A newbie needing help with a foam Iron Man Suit

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Ok friends, I have decided to attempt to build and Iron Man MaRK VI suit of armor. I have never built anything from foam so I have a lot a questions such as...

What type of foam to use and where to get it?

What kind of tools are need for molding, shaping, cutting, etc....

What paints and colors are needed?

Are there templates for the shapes?

What type of glue to use for gluing and attaching?

Does the foam need to be attached to something? ex.. under armor?

What to use for lights and electronics?

If anyone can help answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to build a suit and have it ready by the time the Avengers comes out.
1. check this out;

TheHeroTutorials's Channel - YouTube

2. you need EVA foam, either from a supplier or you can buy anti fatigue mats or squares and use that. Most of the guys here like using the 1/4 inch thick foam.

3. razor blades, xacto, and lots of em. I like using the 45 degree foam cutter from xacto for flush edges. I also use a wood burning tool to melt details into the pieces, and hot glue or super glue, your choice

4. There's tons of info on this, most common colors are dark cherry metallic and sunburst gold

5. templates are all over the forum, search for user STEALTH's threads

6. STEALTHS tutorial son youtube tackle the undersuit attachment stuff

7. theres a ton of stuff for the lighting DarkJerre has a full kit, projectEarth has eyes, many others do too in the junkyard

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