A new project - Batman Arkham Origin suit


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Hi friends,
I have recently started a new project, and I want to share here my progress in order to collect suggestions and comments. This is my second project, and the first time I work with foam.

I'm currently working on the biceps and triceps (they looked to be the easiest pieces, perfect to start):



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If I may make a suggestion - try using contact cement such as Barge or Tanner's Bond rather than hot glue. While hot glue does have its place in foam fabrication, once you try contact cement life is so much simpler and you seams are so much smoother. Hope this helps.


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Hi Gasman, thanks for the suggestion!
I have made some test myself before starting which convinced me that contact cement is much better than hot glue... If the first image does not look so clean is just because it is my first time with foam ;) but I'll get better...
In the meanwhile, I have painted the biceps and triceps:


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The side parts of the arms completed (modelled, painted black with plasti-dip, a few battle-damages added). Biceps and Triceps ready to be assembled.
Arm_Sides_Completed_May2020 (1).jpg

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