A Nagant and a Sten.


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A couple of non-firing but functioning replicas that are on my bench, both are based on blueprints I have found online. First one is a 1895 Nagant 7 shot Revolver, I decided it fit well with my Steampunk Cosplay I'm working on. Right now its just a block of wood carved into the generic shape of the revolver, tomorrow I start carving it out for all the fiddly bits to make the revolver function.

The other one is my Sten Mk.II Replica. I love the Sten's design because its simple. This one is just a piece of galvanized fence post, itll have some weight when its done. Sitting next to it is the start to the wooden bolt, I decided wood would be best because its easier to carve and its readily available.





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Got a bit of the revolver cut away, scroll saw blade broke and I dont have a replacement for this kind of wood so Im left with the dremel tool and coping saw.




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The Sten is still on hold because Im still trying to find out how Im going to cut out the pipe for the reciever.

The Nagant frame on the other hand fell apart on me, so I picked up a sheet of 3/4" MDF along with a few new scroll saw blades. World of difference! Here is the new frame I whipped up today. I threw some wood putty on the inside mostly to see if it will stick.




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After a bit of swearing, glue, and a end cut burr bit; here is the end result!




The next step is to start adding the pins and screws and whatever else, then onwards to cut out the fiddly bits like the trigger and hammer. The Cylinder is going to be the most interesting part to cut out because of the specific places the rotation catches need to be cut.


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I'd love to see more pics of the Sten as its progress goes on. Nice to see that you made the receiver out of galv pipe. I made mine from pvc tube. Still looked good.
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