A L I E N Narcissus


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Work continues on the underside plating this week.
I've started at the rear and have made good progress so far.

The central armature cover plate is now in place, but is hard to see as it isn't painted and still looks clear (the pink is glazing putty underneath).

The panel between the engines is removable and fixed in place with magnets (the original was screw fixed - note the four holes in that panel).
This will allow access to the airlock interior (which is also removable) so that it can be detailed at a later stage.

I'm hoping to get the rest of the plating finished off over the weekend.

Capture150.jpg Capture151.jpg

Capture152.jpg Capture153.jpg


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It's so beautiful...I'm without words thinking about the final product that it'll be when painted, aged and everything :cool


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And the styrene plating is done (thank God!).

There are a LOT of pieces that need to be glued on to this ship (be warned anyone that decides to tackle it!)
I am glad that this stage is now finished.

This is how we currently stand in the order of things to do:

Stage 1 - Acrylic frame - completed
Stage 2 - Styrene plating - completed
Stage 3 - Kit part and styrene detailing.
Stage 4 - Painting and weathering.
Stage 5 - Decals.

I now need to spend a bit of time mapping out the kit parts so that I can produce template layouts, similar to what I have done for the styrene. Once again, there are a lot of parts! Should be fun though





More updates soon...


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Great job on that plating...as you said, the greeblies will be another challenge, but I've total confidence in your skills to make it look great:cool
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Thanks Peter :)

Now comes the fun bit - sticking all the bits on!
Over the next few updates it should really start to take shape...


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What kind of glue will you use?
Weld-On 16. It has been great for the acrylic panels - very strong.
Had a few issues using it for the styrene as it tends to eat away material if you use too much!
I've also had a few styrene parts pop off. I have to make sure I remove all traces of primer and glue directly to the acrylic then it seems to hold OK.
Works very well for the kit parts though.


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I started with the most detailed section of the shp - the underside engine area.
Everything is fitting together nicely (the 1:1 templates are are big help for this).
Just taking my time getting everything in the right spot - and having fun too!




Here it is completed, along with the detail strips on either side of it.
Between the "nose", the armature cover plate and the rear between the engines is also finished!

Capture165.jpg Capture166.jpg

Capture169.jpg Capture168.jpg

Capture170.jpg Capture171.jpg

Very happy with the progress so far.


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Thanks Peter - you're too kind!

TBH I think it's more about patience than skill.
The modelmakers who built the original (primarily Martin Bower and Phil Rae) have skill, and it took them a relatively short time to build.
It has taken me more than 5 years to get to this stage! lol