A L I E N John Hurt WIP

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by BobFett, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Hi all. Thought I'd share this as I am working on it. I am going to use this for Richie and Steve's fantastic AES suit. It started off as a resin lifemask of taken of him when he was much older. I used AVES to 'young' him up. I am still working on the eyelids and getting the eyes set properly. I will also need to go back in and add some skin texture - I just hit it with Tamiya flat-flesh paint to get a feel for it and to make the final changes.






    It will make an already impressive piece that much better...
  2. shanes4doorsi

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    i like the eyes
  3. Luis TK2155

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    Too cool..
  4. Rikarus

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    that is pretty neat!
  5. Borjis

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    oh man, I was sad for a moment. thought your post said A L I E N John Hurt RIP
  6. Chewie15

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    Looking good Bob!


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