A HP based wand out of Model Magic


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I made this for my wife a while ago. It's loosely based on a Harry Potter wand. It was crafted from a product called Crayola Model Magic.
Crayola® Art Techniques
I sculpted it around a length of plastic tube into the general wand shape. I left the bottom open so I could insert a battery and run wires up to the white LED in the tip. The bottom was then sealed. Over time the batteries died and it no longer lights up. I have gotten the gumption (much from my wife) to open it up, replace the batteries and make a removeable end cap so the batteries can be changed when needed. After the clay had dried I used a wire wheel in my Dremel to create the wood grain. It was then painted with regular Apple Barrel acrylics.

Enjoy the pics.




I love it. I'm actually looking at doing something similar for a friend of mine for Christmas. How does the Model Magic feel once it's dried?
You know one way to get a nice grain? Use real wood. :D

This looks great. It's really addicting, wand making, once you get into it. I just finished an Elder Wand, but I have to say, your techniques are a bit better than mine. Any photos of it lit, too?
The texture once dried is that of a stale marshmellow, not rock hard, not soft, just very dense. And as soon as I get the bottom end cut off and get the old batteries out I will add new ones and sculpt a new end piece. I'll post pics as soon as that is finished. Oh, the "knot" near the end is the bush button on/off switch.
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