A Halloween project: The Terminator!

Master Dahark

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Would you guys be so kind as to give this noob some feedback? :angel

I would say this is 90% done. I still need to sew the big black piece on the back of the jacket and that chain is WAY too long, and I need to dirty it up a bit- but this is pretty much it!

*Edit* before the gun-nuts say anything, I know I have the wrong base for the '.45 Longslide ;)


Here's the shirt and my best 'Arnold face'







I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Love the t-shirt and jacket, but I agree; I think a lot of people won't get it right away. Add some torn skin and chrome part underneath (or the red eye set up) on your face and that would really make it stand out. Of course, you'd probably have to change jackets at that point.
Very well done. Great Job on that.

Hopefully people can get who you are on Halloween, as most are probably familiar with the T2 version

I still really like this version a lot regardless :)
'Hey that guy didn't pay!!' :D Love that whole scene!

Yeah most people think black leather jacket and pants when they think Terminator... maybe I should take your advice and put some bullet holes on me

Cool! Did you find the shirt or make it?

Made it! :)
And dyed the jacket too- Celtic007 can prob tell you the funny story behind that, lol
let's just say this was my SECOND attempt ;)
Really nice job!

1. Did you decorate the sleeveless t-shirt yourself to immolate the print on the original. Trying to find a copy of patterned fabrics can be a maddening.

2. Tell us about the 1911 with the laser sight! From what I remember the orginal laser was made by SureFire (who is still around making weapon accessories). The battery was so big they had to rig it under his coat and run the wire taped to Arnold's arm.

3. Airsoft Uzi? There is something funky going on with the shoulder stock. Did you add a homemade one to mimic the prop?
I made this costume as well. I couldn't decolor the green from the m65 jacket. How'd you get it grey? Great job by the way.
I made this costume as well. I couldn't decolor the green from the m65 jacket. How'd you get it grey? Great job by the way.

That was my funny story- see I had a green one too, and had never dyed anything before. I got one of those plastic bins and filled with bleachy water and left the jacket in there (for like 2 days. Big no-no). Turned the jacket beige and all the metal parts had rusted off :confused
I thought it was still salvageable, so I used that same bin and made a dye bath. Kept it in there a day and when I went to pull it out, IT DISINTEGRATED.

But long story short, I got online and found a light tan one for a good price- I took that one and JUST did the dye bath. That worked like a charm!
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