A good source for crystal clear resin / acrylic water?


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Hey guys, I've got a couple projects coming up that require large amounts of a crystal clear water-like compound. Is there a good source for an epoxy resin/ acrylic water or a better substitute available that will give the appearance of water and will accept a colored dye for tinting? The cheapest I've come across is about $40 shipped for 64oz.

Thanks in advance!
I don't remember the brand, but there's stuff used by model railroaders for making water. Some kind of thin clear acrylic medium.
Thanks for the suggestions!

Any others out there?

go to a fibreglass supplier and ask for a "clear casting resin" ( fast setting )

another type is used by fishing rod builders for rod bindings, and is a 2 part resin
the only problem with using this stuff it takes 24hrs to set, but air bubbles can be removed with a hair dryer!
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