A good material to cast a lighsaber?

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    Hey fellas

    I dont have access to a metal lathe but have used a wood lathe for years. Im workong on machining a V2 and a shared stunt out of wood and would love to cast them in aluminum but do not have the tools or skill to do so. So i have decided to make a silicone mold of my masters but have no idea what material to use. I am looking for a real STRONG casting material that will withstand dueling, being thrown around ,ect. Im worried about certain parts such as the neck and emitter lip. Every resin Obi saber i have had the emitter lip is always the first part to chip and break. What material would you reccomend that i use that can make a DURABLE strong saber ? I thought maybe a semi flexible urthane so thin parts like the emitter lip wont chip. But i have no knowledge of these materials and i need real strong stuff.

    What do you guys think i should use?
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    take your mold to a small foundry and ask them if they can use your mold to cast you a copy in bronze
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    hi, Jamie! Just can't stay away even when you're banned, can you? You have the saber you stole from me?
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    You could use something like Task 18, which is an aluminium filled resin. It gives you a slightly heavier , metallic-ish, feeling to the piece which a lot of people like.

    I don't know the durability of 18 specifically. I've only used Task 12, but the stuff is * near bullet proof. It will survive the apocalypse and be used to build fortresses for the survivors.

    If you want semi-rigid, Smooth-On's 65D is a great resin.
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    Thanks for the information Mr Mold Maker. Would a semi rigid material hold up for fighting or trooping? I figured it would help keep the thin parts intact. I have handeled those Rings dummy Blueguns and they seem to be semi rigid they have some flexibility which makes them pretty durable. I dont know what that company uses but it seems an ideal material.
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    he didn't even respond to your post funky....sup with that :lol

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