A few new photos... (Trek Props)


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Here are a few new pictures I just emptied off my camera. I figured I would share. Enjoy!










I would really love to get all my props up on yourprops.com, but its such a pain in the butt to individually photograph everything.

Just a reminder too... There is a thread in the junkyard if anyone wants to take home a set of those cool cool clear PADDs!
I think that a phaser, flip communicator, and the Khan necklace constitute a pretty comprehensive ST:WOK collection. The bulky tricorder from that film doesnt interest me much, but I would love to find the wrist communicator that Kirk was so fond of screaming into.
Wow...very nice collection! I like how the data pads were used for autographs. Nice touch.

In general I dont like autographs on props. The props hold more value to me than the signature for the most part, but with the PADDs it works for me since the whole prop is dedicated to the autographs. I started with the old Chronowerks PADDs from Steve Chen, and had originally intended to get all of the Voyager cast to each sign one PADD and then make one large framed display. However, I like the clean look of the plain signed okudagram much better. I am very excited about the TOS PADD because I am only missing one signature from the surviving main cast, and I should be getting that on Sunday.

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