A few new guy questions about badges


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Hey Guys, I was reading through the site and had a few questions, so I decided to sign up and ask them.

Firstly, I have a badge like the one in the below picture (Mine has a different number, other than that it's exactly the same) and I was wondering where it was from. I know it's generic, but I'm sure I've seen it in a film, I just can't work out which one and it's really bugging me


Can anyone tell me some of the films they use it in?

Secondly, I was thinking of adding a few new badges to my collection, but I'm not really sure what price I should be paying. I've seen some for what I consider to be a reasonable price and some...less reasonable. As a guideline, what is an "average" price you would pay for a badge?

Also, where are the best places to find badges?
Ebay seems to have some, but I was wondering if there are specialist sites that sell replicas of badges?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Not sure about your badge.

Depending on what type of badge you want the prices will vary. For instance, if you want an accurate LAPD or NYPD replica badge, expect to pay around $80-$150. For Generic badges $25-$50

This is the only site that I know that makes accurate badges. He is in Germany. I have bought from him before and he is reputable.

Police Badges Navigation Page

MFP 2020

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I have the same badge with a different number as well. (Actually mine looks like an inferior copy of that one.) On the back is stamped "GEORGE KENNEDY." Not sure what that has to do with anything, unless it's a reference to his role in "The Blue Knight." (It's not even the same type of shield, though.)

A lot of movies use the LAPD-style "Metropolitan Police" shield like this one. The most recent example I can think of is "SWAT," in which they were silver. I never could track down a source for them pre-made, but you could always go custom:

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