A few MI prop party phots


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Sorry I didn't have more photos my battery died.

The bios in the photos are a Porshe, a P2 stunt bio replica from the studio mold, the Ram bio from the studio mold and a fan sculpted Celtic made by Mike Webb in only a week. Amazing talent. The Atlantean Predator head sculpt is my first sculpt I've ever done



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Thanks for sharing your pics. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to go find a napkin to wipe my kin. Those Pulse Rifles have me drooling.


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Cool pics. Those tusken raider's look great.

BTW RedtwoX , I hope your "kin" is not named UncleDaddy. Haha- making funz of typos.



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Who's Predator dik is that? :eek
I love the paintjob.
Thanks I own the disc and just to let everyone know it can open and close. Really. I sent photos to Donn Jarr,a Hunter's Lair member, and he made this from the photos. When he offered the proptptype for sale I bought it from him. Recently I made the display stand for it . I got tired of displaying it laid flat. This way you can see both sides at once. Glad you like it.