A few drawings and something a tad different

Tony Hughes

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Hey guys just thought id never posted any of my art work on here before so heres a couple i had on my facebook,
First one is just a quick concept mainly based on P1 that i did at work (shhh...)
Second is mr. wolf with his latest trophy... ghostface.
Also ive put a photo shop cartoon of Predators in there too just for those who like a laugh :D
These are a pain in the a** to make as they start as drawings and then get scanned in on the pc and traced in illustrator... dont know a quicker way at the mo lol
in there you've got falconer playing with classic AVP dolls, Tusky and his dogs making out, berserker wondering what the hell is going on, classic doing his thing, royce in the back ground and a crow in the trees for the hell of it ;)
Ive done a few of these cartoons with a mate of mine incl. Aliens, terminator, freddy vs jason and species. So if you like the predators one and want to see more just say and ill post em up.





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Very good. I especially like the one with Wolf holding the ghost mask thingy haha after just watching scream 4 ;) I would love to see more of your work :D

Tony Hughes

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Thanks for the comments guys really apriciate it
Heres some more cartoons and a couple more drawings that i done a while ago.
I have done a species cartoon but its a bit 'R' rated so will have to edit it a bit before uploading... lol





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