A Dwarf of Yore, A Grim Hammer of Erebor


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First, credit where credit is due; Gibbtall for starting his project, and inspiring us all.
Second is to all the others who have followed in his footsteps.

Like many others, I was awestruck by the Dwarven Soldiers that appear in the prologue and the battle of Azanulbizar (the battle at the east Moria Gates). After seeing Gibbtalls great job, I felt inspired to work on my own version of, and have broken the costume down into 9 pieces. The Boots, Greaves (shin guards), Skirt, Tassets, Belt, Breastplate, Pauldrons/Shoulders, Vanbraces (forearm guards), and the Helm. I'm hoping by posting here, I can convince myself to get in gear to have the costume finished for the Denver Comic Con on June 13-15th.

Helm: I decided to make my helmet so I could make a mold, and then hollow cast the helmet out of a urethane plastic. I first got help in making a cast of my head (the sea green form that the helm is built on), after that, I've been slowly shaping the helmet on the form using a Sulfur free oil based clay. The details have been either been hand carved in a few rare cases, but most of them are the result of a 3D printed stamp. My current plan is to have the helmet finished by the 1st of May, and get the silicone mold painted on, as well as the hard outer shell the first half of May, and hollow cast the actual helmet during the second half of May. The painting will be done during the first week of June so I can attend the Denver Comic Con.

20140421_145859.jpg 20140421_145906.jpg 20140421_145919.jpg 20140421_150046.jpg

20140421_150054.jpg 20140421_150109.jpg 20140421_150132.jpg 20140421_150209.jpg

Breastplate: More Coming Soon

Pauldrons/Shoulders: More Coming Soon

Vambrace/Forearm Guards: More Coming Soon

Belt: As much as I would like to go for 100% authentic, I decided to a 6-in-1 weave maille would be simpler to do than trying to figure out the herringbone weave used in the references


Tassets: More Coming Soon

Skirt: Again foregoing 100% authenticity, I decided to use the large scales sold by TheRingLord to make the lamellar skirt the Dwarves wear. In a future upgrade, I might decide to use my original idea of using old gift cards cut and painted (mentioning this in case any fellow Grim Hammers need an idea :D)


Greaves: Shaped using cardboard and hot glue. Next step is to coat it with a newspaper and white glue Papier Mâché.


Boots: Shaping them around an old pair of boots, I've built cardboard shoe covers, and plan on covering them with Papier Mâché, and using a faux leather to cover the actual boot.