A Dredd-full new build (comic style) pic heavy


Well I have been wanting to do this for a while now so I went through my library of Pepakura files and came across this wonderful file by Dungbeetle. In an effort to try non toxic material I decided to use up some Smooth-cast 300, I built this very cool Judge Dredd helmet and then started to harden it with the resin. This is my progress so far.



After a coat of Smooth-cast on the outside and a slush on the inside. Tomorrow I will lay in some fiberglass cloth and then begin the Bondo work.



I welcome your comments and suggestions.

How are you liking the smoothcast? I am attempting to use resin and am getting mixed results.

I have been using Smooth-cast for many years as a casting plastic but never as a substitute for polyester resin. If I am going to continue to use it for this purpose I will move to the 321 instead of the 300 or I may even use roto. Just because it gives me more working time.

Today I'm going to line the helmet with fiberglass cloth and knock down all the paper edges before applying the Bondo. I also made it so it would fit up to a 24" head.
Re: A Dredd-full new build (comic style) pic heavy update 11/13

Well I got to the fiberglass stage today. I had to use Fiber-mat intead of cloth because that is all I had on hand, but it worked out ok. I used about 12 oz of resin on this whole project so far.

Tomorrow I trim the helmet and start to Bondo.
Re: A Dredd-full new build (comic style) pic heavy update 14/11

Well I got it trimmed and the first thin coat of filler on it.


Next continue to sand and fill until smooth.
A Dredd-full new build (comic style) pic heavy Update 11/17

Well after a lot of hand sanding and some primer this is where I'm at.




I now have to go over the helmet and find all the trouble spots and spot fill them.
That is looking great! I've been wanting to do this helmet, too. What size did you print that at? I need one to fit a big hat size, too.
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