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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by jagz, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Okay so today i was out with my dad and i had happened to see a new collectable set called DC Chess Collection on TV. I knew it woulded be of exceptional quality but after buying and bringing home i noticed how bad it was. This got me thinking instead of buying these id make one just how i wanted, so here comes the problem ive never actually done anything like modelling except making a star wars helmet which really doesnt apply to this (really bad job).
    Does any brits out there know of good clay which is cheap but very easily to work with, really need the cheap cos im only 16 with school goin really bad. Parents are mad so no money from them. :behave
    Also any tips on goin about this work?

    Thanks for any comments!
    Granted i may not actually start this for a very long time.


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    My best advice. concentrate on doing better in school and then worry about chess figures.

    Other than that, maybe you could modify some other batman figure to suit your needs.
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    That's a great idea actually.
    I've a friend who buys action figures on the cheap and makes statues and dioramas out of them. He bonds them in position, fills the joints, then re-paints them. Some of the stuff he does looks amazing. It's a cool cheap idea and would suit your purpose well I think.
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    I hate to be cruel, but I have to be honest: anyone who thinks "woulded" is a word does indeed need to concentrate on school first.
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    Considering he wrote the rest the post fine, would you not guess it was a simple mistake?? Have you never misspelled anything before?

    The guy is enthusiastic about a hobby. he should be encouraged not mocked. Of course he should study hard in school, but you should always make time for ones hobbies.

    You never had any hobbies when youe were 16?

  6. chris_s

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    I used to collect the heroclicks by Wizkids. They had some pretty good figures that are probably the size you are looking for.
  7. Drangor

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    I had 2 of these purchased for me and like you thought the paint job was terrible, i kept one normal and repainted the second like a normal batman from the comics.
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    Thanks guys, your probably write about the more school and i appreciate your different ideas and i really like Drangor's repaint solution. Thats most likely what ill do at the moment.

    Just again thanks for the comments!

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