A collection: Jack Sparrow's Costume


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step to the nearest supply store...

This wont be low budget thats for sure but I'm trying to make myself everything I can since I'm crafty and I love doing the props, perhaps even more than using them, I don't resemble Johnny Deep in any way either, so the overall look wont be that similar. Jack's costume is more to me like a collection, a big one with all those effects, and I'm a definitely a collector. Also trying to be smart about ways to make it SA reusing materials I have laying around. Since I didn't have leather that I could use, had to buy some for the tricorn and belts, now I have half a cow and two sheeps in my living room, and they take all the free living room floor space...


Will try first to go with the Pieroni Bruno company hat style, so CotBP tricorn version, may the roman gods help me... Have some doubts about the flaps width 13cm/5" maybe for a 21cm/8" diameter crown.
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